The Patriarch Deliberates with Some Authorities…

The Patriarch Deliberates with Some Authorities in Damascus
Damascus, November 1, 2023
His Beatitude Patriarch John X met with some members of church authority in Damascus to consult and discuss various topics, in the presence of Their Graces Bishops Romanos (Al Hannat), Arsenios (Dahdal) and Mousa (Al Khasi) at the Patriarchate in Damascus.
During the meeting, there was an open discussion and dialogue on various topics, especially the conference that was held last October in Balamand with the title “The Antiochian Orthodox Church from the 15th century to the 18th century - towards a proper understanding of history." They highlighted the importance of its scientific topics and the distinguished interventions presented by international professors, which included research into various aspects of that era. They concluded that the conference resulted in stimulating joint dialogue, as an effort towards deeper activation to the witness of Christian charity.
They also tackled the glorification by the Holy Synod of Antioch of the holiness of two hieromartyrs, Fathers Nicholas and Habib Khasha of Damascus, as well as the inclusion of Saint Raphael Hawawini in the calendar of saints of the Antiochian Church. This is a matter of great importance in the lives of faithful, especially in our current time. Hence, there will follow a rooting of this topic in the conscience of the church and the faithful through purposeful events and activities, starting next Saturday, November 4, 2023. First, a prayer of thanksgiving will be held in the Church of the Holy Cross in Damascus, followed by a procession with the icon of the saints to bless the faithful.
Emphasis was also placed on the repercussions of all these topics on the Christian family life and raising children, on the way to put them into practice in a way to ensure consolidation of the family in the face of major existential challenges and activates its role in building the church and society.