His Beatitude Patriarch John celebrates the…

His Beatitude Patriarch John celebrates the diamond jubilee of the National Private High School in Latakia.
Upon the occasion, he declares: "We want our educational institutions to remain illuminated and bestowing the light of learning and knowledge."
Latakia, May 27, 2024
With the blessing and the presence of His Beatitude the Most Blessed and Revered Patriarch John X, the National Private High School in Latakia, founded in 1947, commemorated its diamond jubilee. A solemn celebration was held and the whole city of Latakia lived this event in the intellectual, scientific, and cultural dimensions and connotations.
The Greek Orthodox Shepherd of the Archdiocese of Latakia and its dependencies, Metropolitan Athanasios (Fahd), attended the celebration alongside His Beatitude, surrounded by many bishops, priests, and deacons.
On the official side, Mr. Governor of Latakia, Amer Ismail Hilal, the Member of the People's Assembly, Iskandar Haddad, the Director of Latakia Education, Mr. Imran Abu Khalil, the Deputy Director and Principal of the National Private High School, Engineer Elias Fayyad, attended the event, as well as others renown figures, the administrative and educational staff, and the students.
After the solemn and touching reception of His Beatitude, the latter inaugurated a documented exhibition of all the stages of bringing the High School into existence since its founding. It also included a detailed presentation of all the successive patriarchs, bishops, and personalities who visited it.
His Beatitude unveiled the commemorative plaque marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of the school.
This was followed by the Syrian Arab anthem, which the scouts embellished with their elegant music performance that resounded in the skies of Latakia.
Then, His Beatitude delivered a welcoming speech that emphasized the importance of this diamond jubilee. In turn, the Deputy Director and Principal of the High School, Engineer Elias Fayyad, gave a speech. He commended the pioneering role played by the School, which has contributed since its founding to providing the nation with creative physicians, engineers, lawyers, judges, officers, and successful teachers over a period of seventy-seven years, and even the martyr Jules Jamal and other martyrs who were committed to the national cause. This diligent and solemn work will never stop. It shall continue in accordance with educational and moral standards so that the school remains a beacon of light for generations throughout the days."
This was followed by a documentary film about the founding of the High School, titled "Light from Light."
Then, the High School choir performed the School anthem and a medley of Feyrouz songs amidst the applause of the audience.
The touching feelings of the students were also present during the celebration, as they gave heartfelt speeches about all the stages they went through in their school and how it positively imprinted their lives.
Then, His Beatitude delivered a speech that came from the heart and carried cultural, intellectual, and educational dimensions.
He said: "The goal of the Private National High School, since inception and till the present day has been to build the human person. Building a human being is the first block for constructing society and the nation. Our most glorified Christ wanted the Apostles as disciples. This shows that discipleship is very important and that teaching is very lofty. Building the future generation shows the student that whoever cannot be a learner can never become a teacher."
His Beatitude added: "We have come to a time where education has increased and discipleships have decreased. We are in a time when the core educational establishment is shaken by what is falsely called "AI -Artificial Intelligence." Far from intelligence, this is the closest means for a "programmed sedation of the mind". We have reached a time when the family is being fully undermined. Hence our duty as a church and school is to inculcate into our children the values that we share with other religions and to keep in mind the great responsibility that has been assigned to the educational institution.
From the experience of the Church of Antioch, we come forth today to celebrate this diamond jubilee of the National Private High School and to assert that the Church of Antioch is still yearning and seeking knowledge even when hard to find.
We wish that our educational institutions remain as beacon enlightened and illuminating others by learning and knowledge."
At the end of his speech, His Beatitude, offered the Deputy School Principal, Engineer Elias Fayyad, the icon of the Virgin Mary, as a token of love and appreciation. After that, His Beatitude, Metropolitan Athanasios, and the School Principal presented plaques and diplomas for the outstanding students and sponsors.
The event ended while taking photos.