Conference of the General Secretariat of Youth…

Conference of the General Secretariat of Youth Orthodox Movement
Al-Balmond, May 19th 2023
"Love Jesus, read the bible, memorize it. Fast and pray, be like parents who raised us with their hands"
With these words, the owner of the Patriarch Johnna addressed the ten members of the Fifty-Third Annual Youth Conference of the Orthodox Movement, opened at the Institute of St. John the Damascus theologian in Belmand in the presence of the Patriarch of Rio de Janeiro, Bishop Theodore Gondor, the director of the Patriarchic Our Lady of the Belmand Archmandrite George Jacob, dean of the Theology Institute at the University Archmandrite Yacoub Khalil, and five of the priests and deacons, with the participation of Secretary General Eli Kbeh, members of the General Secretariat and participating delegations from all centers in Syria and Lebanon.
After the sunset prayer presided over by the church of Deir Sayeda Al-Balmand, everyone headed to the Theology Institute, and the Secretary General gave a speech expressing his joy at the presence of the brothers under the wing of Patriarch John the 10th overall, and thanked him for his constant patronage of the movement, noting that we learned from the apostles of Christ and their holy successors, that the patron is With his minions .
From this impulse he was addressed to the participants, pointing in his word to the reality we experience today in our Antocent church. He emphasized that unity, counsel, and the spirit of fellowship are the resurgents of the Orthodox Church in the face of what the world threatens to divide and distort its message, and that our presence today is for self-examination in the light of God's Word, so we review what we have hoped for, let's go together and set priorities for the next stage.
The church reality of today is very painful and complex, make it clear.
The brethren were asked to take off the spirit of doubt and negativity from them, and confront our weaknesses with God's help, because we believe in connection and shun isolation.
Encourage attendance to activate full participation among the members of one church in life in Christ and order of business. Jihad and night vigil were asked to raise the voice of the Gospel in every congregation in Antioch, so that we can get away from us the spirit of division that plants obstacles between the believers and disperse them and weakens the strength of the congregation and its prophetic voice. People are looking at the church, expecting the Lord's face to always smile on them, so they can drink from living water that never quench.
And he sealed his request from our Patriarch Father to guide us with his words to the barn of Jesus, by which we live and move and are.
Then was a patriarch's word in which he referred to the challenges facing the world in general and the Antioch Church in particular, on all levels including social, economic, moral and educational. However, I emphasize that the disciples invited Christians to Antioch first. For Christianity, the cradle of the physical cradle, where the Master was born, where he stood crucified, and the intellectual cradle, Antioch, where the good news was spread by the Apostle Paul.
WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THE WORD CHRISTIAN? Here he cited examples from the ancient Greek world narrated by St. Gregory the Nessian showing that the Christian cannot forget that he has moved from darkness to light, from the Old Adam to the New Adam. He added that in the Arabic language the word Christian ends in the proportion like wooden or iron, that means you are of the metal of Christ Jesus, you have been wiped completely.
A video presentation by Bishop George Green, prepared by the Antichrist Orthodox Media Center, emphasizes that if we don't make Christ our whole life, we are nothing. He confirmed that Bishop George said what St. Gregory of the fourth century said.
He cited three passages from the New Testament, from the first John, the first Correction, the Ephesians V, and from Colossians 3 These clips and others invite us to examine ourselves as St. Isaac Al-Sriani says: "Who knows his sins greater than those who resurrect the dead", emphasizing the importance of the secret of repentance and confession.
At the end, he recommended the necessity of holding workshops in all branches on the book of the origins of spiritual life of Father Elias Murderer.
And I stamped it saying: Activists be the movement and don't change from MJO to NGO. Love Jesus, read the bible, memorize him. Fast and pray, be like the fathers whose hands we were raised, like Bishop Paul Bendley, Bishop John Mansour, Bishop George Khedr, Father Elias Marcus, and many others that time may be too short to mention them all.
After he answered a bunch of attendance questions, everyone headed to share at a table of love.
The conference concluded their first day by reading the Secretary-General's paper and explanatory questions about it, and then headed to the addition of Deir Al-Nooriya.