The Holy Martyrs Adrian and Natalie


Our holy Church honors today the homozygous Saints Adrian and Natalia, who were from Izmit and lived at 8083d6e4560d867b010bf679527b7b6dthe end of 3 rd century AD

The moving life of these two Saints is living proof that marriage and wife should not be considered obstacles to salvation and holiness. Instead, it is a saving event in Christ and in the Church.

Most importantly, the Adrianos and Natalia pair is an example of how the spouses must contribute to godly success of conjugation, namely the deification of all family members.

St. Hadrian was an eyewitness of the arrest and torture, which had been submitted by their persecutors, 23 Christians. Faith and selflessness shown by candidates witnesses katenyxan his soul, to the point to come himself to executioners and say, with courage, to be a Christian and wants to testify to the love of Christ.

Natalia not only did not flinch from this tragic event, but went to prison and encouraged her husband, who remained faithful to the end and received martyrdom. The remains of himself and other witnesses were transferred and buried in Argiroupoli. In the same area came later martyred Saint Natalia, where he handed over the spirit, remaining virtually always close to her husband.

The spiritual allegiance, loyalty spouses under the family home, is the foundation of happiness and maturity of love and harmony between the spouses and by extension between family members, the Committee regards as "home Church" .