Santiago and all Chile

serg-L His Eminence, the Most Reverend Metropolitan Sergios (Abd)

Born in the great city of Antioch, he holds a Bachelor of Theology from the Halki Seminary in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1956. He was ordained a priest in 1957. He became the overseer of the Balamand Clerical School 1956-1961. He was appointed at the Patriarchate in Damascus and taught at Al-Asieh Schools 1961-1962, and was appointed later as the Patriarchal Vicar in Kuwait. Then he served as the Vicar of the Metropolitan of Brazil 1968-1975, and a Vicar of the Metropolitan of Mexico in Caracas- Venezuela 1975-1988. He was ordained a Bishop on 1988, and appointed as a Patriarchal Vicar in Santiago- Chili, and elected a Metropolitan in 1996.

The Archdiocese:
Its Center: Santiago
Tel: 0056 2 2211 5649
Fax: 0056 2 2951 5208

S. E. Metropolitan Sergio Abad
Casilla 54-Corréo 4
S. E. Metropolitan Sergio Abad 
Arquidiócesis Metropolitana Orthodoxa de Antiqúia
Santa Filomena 372- Recoleta- Santiago-Chile

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