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The Significance of Religion in Strengthening Families and Societies: Lecture by His Beatitude Patriarch John X at the Al-Othman Mosque
Damascus, February 6, 2024
His Beatitude Patriarch John X and the Syrian Minister of Awqaf, His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed, delivered a dialogue lecture titled "The Significance of Religion in Strengthening Families and Societies" at the Al-Othman Mosque in Damascus. This event was part of the educational dialogue program organized by the Ministry of Awqaf (Religious Endowments), attended by imams, preachers, Quran teachers, religious education staff, as well as several metropolitans, bishops, priests, and laity.
After the Minister of Awqaf welcomed His Beatitude, the Patriarch presented his intervention, dividing its content into the following sections:
1. The theological foundations of Christian concepts of humanity, marriage, and family.
2. Contemporary challenges facing families today.
3. Ethical issues in the science of life.
4. The role of the family in today's society.
In conclusion, His Beatitude emphasized the urgent need today, more than ever before, to prioritize the care of families and to address the problems they face, considering the psychological, material, spiritual, and social dimensions of both family and surrounding society.
He also highlighted the Church's decision to focus on preserving the family and fostering the joy of the Lord's presence in its life, recognizing that the targeting and destabilization of families threaten a cornerstone of our society.
His Eminence the Minister of Awqaf commented on the points raised, affirming that all the family principles and foundations mentioned by His Beatitude are also fundamental aspects of Islamic education. The seminar concluded with questions and interventions from the audience.